Electrical & Lighting Work

Covering everything from electrical installation and fault finding to testing and commissioning, Xclusive Design&Build has the experience and know-how to provide its customers with nothing but the finest electrician service.

We provide a full package of electrical services for villas, offices, apartments, etc.:

  • Wiring work
  • Electrical installation and rewires
  • Sockets and switches
  • Electrical contractor services
  • Fuse boards
  • Condition reports
  • Power transformer service
  • Electrical equipment commissioning and much more

Indoor&Outdoor Sign and Lighting Work

We take a 24-hour approach to designing with light, producing beautiful and sustainable designs at any scale or in any context. How we experience and interact with light is central to our creative process. Whether it working on an interior space or exterior, our lighting designers and advisors integrate both daylight and architectural lighting in harmony.   

  • Industrial
  • Home
  • Outdoor
  • Architectural
  • Decorative
  • Solar
  • UV
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