Gypsum Work

In both commercial and residential settings, gypsum work is utilized for creating magnificent decorative surfaces. We can create masterpieces for your interiors with our extensive variety of services. Customized gypsum boards, ceilings, and other decorations are available in multiple colors and designs.

The best thing about putting a faux gypsum ceiling in your home or business is that it is of good quality as well as reasonably priced, making it a terrific and generally popular choice among people.

Throughout the UAE, we work in a variety of residential settings, commercial structures, stores, exquisite residences, and public sector utility locations. Gypsum Work offers a comprehensive gypsum design, installation, and finishing service tailored to your specific demands and specifications. Gypsum work is a mix of traditional artistry and cutting-edge technology.

What distinguishes us is our xclusive dedication to comprehensive fit-out turnkey projects. We don’t provide induvidual gypsum work services. Instead, our expertise thrives in delivering end-to-end fit-out solutions that cover every aspect of the process. We undertake the full journey – from the initial assessment to the final installation.

Gypsum’s Benefits

  • Variety of options

Gypsum is available in a broad range of hues and patterns, allowing you to create a style that complements both your interior and exterior decor.

  • Water damage prevention

Gypsum is worth looking into if you are willing to protect your property from water damage while still keeping it warm.

  • Long-lasting option

There are a variety of options, and most of them have a lengthy shelf life, so you may get a package deal that will last for years.

  • Affordable price

Last but not least, you should realize that gypsum work is quite affordable.

For example, the average cost of using this product to fill a wall hollow is less than $20.

  • Green material

Gypsum board for houses is also a green material, which is another reason to use it. It will have no negative impact on the environment, nor will it affect your house or its structures.

The Types of Gypsum Work We Do

Gypsum Ceiling & Wall Work

Using gypsum, you can add a splendid look to your ceilings and walls.

Gypsum work has gained popularity due to its beautiful appearance and architectural advantages.

As a fit-out contractor in the UAE, Xclusive Design&Build can help you choose the most beautiful designs within your budget.

Gypsum Work Boards

Xclusive Design&Build provides gypsum boards and partitions, which have excellent visual appeal and functionality. Sophisticated patterns in a variety of shapes on a budget and in the short term. We combine the newest styles, patterns, and fashionable colors.

We have a thorough understanding of gypsum work industry trends and how to create style statements in current technology structures.

Gypsum boards provide consistent and effective insulation. Xclusive Design&Build enhances your area while also taking into account architectural benefits such as greater lighting and air conditioning.

Xclusive Design&Build only uses the materials of the highest quality. And our employees handle everything from the fake ceiling design and fabrication to the installation in a fast and efficient manner.

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